More Facts That Will Change Your Perspective On Jeeps

At Jeeps Are Us, our two 40,000 sq ft warehouse facilities are full to the brim with all different types of Jeep parts and accessories, including jeep half door kits, ensures that we can process your order as quickly as possible. In our last post, we explored some little known facts that are sure to blow your mind a little and change your perspective on Jeeps. Today we’ve got some more of those facts!

  1. Some people don’t like to be square! Jeep released a model called the YJ, which featured square headlights. This lead to public outrage. Jeep eventually relented and came out with the TJ, which had round headlights.

  2. In the US, the term Jeep is used exclusively for the Jeep model. In the rest of the world the word Jeep can be used for any four wheel drive vehicle that can go off road.

  3. You may have seen coil springs on Jeeps that have been modified but they didn’t come standard on the vehicle until the TJ. When Jeep rolled out the TJ model they included some new features - one of which was the coil springs. These springs allowed people to travel over even rougher lands and adventure further.

  4. The CJ8 Scrambler is a long-wheelbased jeep. These jeeps were produced in an extremely limited run of 26,000. The long-wheelbase jeeps are now increasing in popularity and Jeep decided in 2005 that they were going to produce more of them.

  5. Sears is more or less viewed as a department store now. In the seventies, Sears stores stocked replacement parts for all Jeeps. This was extremely convenient for those that did not want to go to the dealership.