Facts About Jeeps That Will Give You A New Perspective

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Today we’ve got some facts about Jeeps that will change the way you look at Jeeps forever!

  1. You may have called them “Jeeps” your entire life but they did not start out with that name. It is generally believed that the word "Jeep" comes from the term "GP" or general purpose. Most people believe that "jeep" became slang for these vehicles and the name stuck.

  2. Sports car? You may not believe that the bulky Jeep was once referred to as a sports car. Enzo Ferrari called the Jeep the only American sports car as a way of insulting the Chevy Corvette.

  3. Very few brands can claim to have been owned by a sitting president, but the Jeep is one of them. During his time in office, Ronald Reagan owned a CJ8, which he used on his ranch in California.

  4. The first company to make the Jeep was Willys-Overland. In 1970, the company handed the brand off to American Motors. In 1987, Chrysler became the sole manufacturer of the Jeep.